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Community Engagement

Community engagement is a large part of who Green Releaf is and what they stand for. Green Releaf is committed to employing engaged citizens who have a goal of helping the community grow and thrive. As a company, we believe that the cannabis community has a duty to give back to the neighborhoods we live in and be a good neighbor to those around us.


It is part of Green Releaf’s mission to engage beyond the doors of our dispensary and contribute to responsible cannabis consumption. We have created a Plan for Community Engagement that will help to mobilize cannabis money for social improvement and show people that cannabis is a movement about love and giving and not just a substance.


It is our goal to show our communities that we care and intend to infuse the neighborhood with resources to help individuals, businesses, and groups thrive.

Positive Impact Plan

Green Releaf’s Positive Impact Plan includes financial assistance to a substance abuse treatment center, a volunteer service plan that mandates 50 hours of community service from each employee, an employment plan to bring jobs to the neighborhood, a community garden, a canned food drive, a coat drive, participation in neighborhood clean-up initiatives and an education plan for at risk youth.

The Good to Know Campaign

The Good to Know Campaign is designed around the needs of the communities we inhabit and is geared towards equipping cannabis
consumers with the knowledge to use the substance safely and responsibly. This is a seasonal and event-based educational campaign,
which will harness the powers of social media and blogging to convey necessary information.


The Good to Know Campaign focuses on two main streams of information. Information for adults and information geared towards educating
youth. Adult education focuses on driving and cannabis use, securing cannabis in the home, state restrictions on transporting cannabis, methods
of consumption, alcohol and cannabis, and the effects of second-hand smoke. The youth education program provides information on the effects of
cannabis on the developing brain, cannabis use disorder, and the legal ramifications of using cannabis outside of Missouri state laws.


Green Releaf will make every effort to provide information freely to individuals regardless of race, spoken language, gender, or disability.

Engaging with the Community

Green Releaf is committed to engaging with the community, creating relationships with law enforcement, and promoting neighborhood safety.


We humbly recognize that a legal cannabis dispensary moving into the neighborhood is new to residents and they may have concerns
or questions about cannabis and the effect the dispensary will have on their neighborhood.


Prior to opening, the dispensary Green Releaf sent out an information packet to all residents in the community. This package included
information about Community Meet and Greet, where residents could raise concerns or questions. The package also contained general
information about the dispensary and legal cannabis.


As part of our ongoing commitment to the community and its citizens, Green Releaf will release an annual Community Engagement
Report outlining the financial, in-kind, and volunteer hours contributed to the community by the dispensary.


Green Releaf employs a Community Outreach Officer who is responsible for evaluating the Plan for Community Engagement on a yearly
basis. Their role also includes being a liaison between the dispensary and the public, as well as creating and maintaining
relationships with non-profit organizations.

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