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The coronavirus pandemic has affected almost all countries across the globe. The drug companies are in a panic to create a vaccine to combat the virus. Health professionals are taking necessary care of the people affected by COVID-19. A recent study shows the efficacy of cannabis in fighting COVID-19. According to a recent study, a potent strain of marijuana could help in the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 infections. According to the scientists, from the University of Lethbridge, marijuana extract is rich in a particular protein that can block the entry for Coronavirus in the body. The scientists even claimed that marijuana might reduce the virus’ entry.

Since long cannabis has been used in natural treatment methods. The remarkable therapeutic property of marijuana is new hope for the treatment of COVID-19. Cannabis contains many valuable natural components which initiate the restoration of health.

Is the consumption of cannabis safe now?

The studies showing the efficacy of cannabis for COVID-19 treatment is in a nascent stage. Still, a cannabis product can be considered as an adjunct treatment method for COVID-19. Usually, cannabis when taken orally has enhanced therapeutic property. Lately, naturopaths have advocated on oral consumption of cannabis than inhalation. However, one cannot rely entirely on cannabis as a preventive to COVID-19. Social isolation and social distancing should be followed as it is critically important during the pandemic.

It is advisable to keep away from smoking weed if you have symptoms of cold and flu. But when used orally, cannabis helps to manage symptoms of cold and flu. The cannabinoids present in CBD and THC when consumed orally, may help to reduce body-pain, inflammation of the airways, and induce sleep.

What is the best way to consume cannabis during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We know you love your weed. During these difficult days, we understand that weed can help you stay clear and reduce anxiety. But it is always advisable to avoid smoking or vaping marijuana. Smoking or vaping cannabis causes inflammation of the inner lining of the lungs. Thus, making you prone to fatal complications of COVID-19.

online that helps you enjoy your cannabis without inhaling them. During these difficult times, we advise you to avoid smoking weed and opt for edible forms of cannabis.

Stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Regularly wash your hands with soap at least or 20 seconds. Maintain social distancing and social isolation. Disinfect and clean surfaces that are in regular contact. Separate money handlers. Avoid sharing your bongs with anyone. Stay indoors; stay safe.

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